Tuesday 20140930


3 rounds for time of... 

1 mile run, bike or row
20 Cleans; alternating power clean and squat clean - YOU pick a comfortable weight. Work on doing perfect reps. I don't care if that means you are using a PVC pipe. 


1. Power clean is pulling bar to racked position whereas squat clean is pulling yourself down to racked position, i.e., catching high and catching low.
2. Rest as and where needed, but not during cleans - shoot for unbroken. 
3. Go all out on sprints.

Post mile times and loads to comments. 


My wife put a description of me on her blog that sums it up quite nicely. "Loves – CrossFit, reading for knowledge, eating delicious things, rainy days, his puppy Berkeley, a good cup of dark coffee, a nice dark beer, pizza, taking pictures, having deep conversations, his family – more than anything, exploring new places, and Wife." I also enjoy blogging, but that's pretty much me.