Monday 20140609


This workout is only for those who achieved the Eo3 "Competitor" level of fitness. The amount of work output accomplished in this workout is insane, and when done as fast as possible, you're body will let you know just how much work you are doing.

For time:

15 reps, Snatch @ 135 lb
15 reps, Burpee
15 reps, Clean and Jerk @ 135 lb

15 reps, Box Jump @ 24" Box

Then immediately complete to following complex:

1 rep, Clean and Jerk + 7 reps, Deadlift +  6 reps, Bent Row + 5 rep, Hang Clean + 4 reps, Front Squat + 3 reps, Push Press + 2 reps, Back Squat + 1 rep, Push Press + 1 rep, Snatch

Do not set the bar down or release your grip. All reps done @ 135 lb.

*Scale as needed


My wife put a description of me on her blog that sums it up quite nicely. "Loves – CrossFit, reading for knowledge, eating delicious things, rainy days, his puppy Berkeley, a good cup of dark coffee, a nice dark beer, pizza, taking pictures, having deep conversations, his family – more than anything, exploring new places, and Wife." I also enjoy blogging, but that's pretty much me.